Hamstring Solutions

Are hamstring injuries plagueing you, season after season?
Are you looking for a way to finally end your recurring hamstring problems?

Discover the medically proven way to finally eliminate your hamstring problems, and return to sports FASTER, STRONGER, and QUICKER than before.

In just 6 short weeks, you can eliminate your hamstring pain.

Not only that, you can train your body to run faster, jump higher, cut quicker, and perform better than before your injury.
Hamstring Solutions

Don't Believe It? Keep Reading...

Hamstring injuries can be nagging chronic injuries if not treated correctly. They cause pain with daily activities, and just when you think you are healed, they return just as bad as before.

They can affect your on field performance too - you could lose inches from your vertical...or be seconds slower, never fully recovering.

Worst of all - the majority of hamstring injuries become chronic. Once you have one, you are at a much higher risk for re-injury.

That means every time you step out onto the court or field, you are at risk to start the whole healing process over again.

If you have had a hamstring strain, you understand. You have experienced the pain with simple things like walking and stairs. You have missed time from sports. You tried the traditional treatments - ice, stretching, basic strengthening exercises - all to get yourself back into the game.

But did you feel like you were 100%?

The simple fact is that most hamstring injuries are doomed to become chronic simply because rest, ice, and stretching just are not enough to properly rehabilitate this injury. These treatments may reduce your pain, but they won't do anything to address the underlying problems that actually caused your injury in the first place.

Until those problems are resolved, you will never be able to return to your potential on the field.

If you are worried about getting back to sports safely and quickly, and don't want to deal with chronic, frustrating hamstring problems, I can help you get off the sidelines and back in the game.
Bart Anderson

My name is Bart Anderson, and I am a certified athletic trainer. Over the last 10 years I have treated hundreds of patients with lower extremity injuries. Working in a sports medicine clinic, I saw patients of every age and from every sport with injuries just like you.

I have treated countless patients with hamstring injuries. Most of them suffered from nagging, season after season injuries. They tried rest and ice, stretching and basic strengthening on their own.

After a few weeks, they usually felt better, and returned to their sports. But they weren't as fast, they weren't as strong, and their performance suffered. It wasn't long until they were injured again, and out of the game.

During my career as an Athletic Trainer, I have worked with dozens of sports medicine physicians, athletic trainers, and physical therapists. And hundreds of athletes. These relationships have given me real world experience in treating sports injuries - and successfully returning athletes to sports.

One thing that I have found in my practice is that every injury happens for a reason - there is always an underlying cause for why a part of the body gets overloaded and injured.

Hamstring injury is no different. There are ALWAYS underlying issues that cause the hamstring to be injured.

The key to a full recovery, to returning to the field as strong and fast as before, to eliminating your hamstring problem once and for all, is correcting these underlying problems and then restoring your strength, power, and endurance.

Body Balance

Do you know how you injured your hamstring? Was it a sprint, a cut, a pivot, or a kick? Do you remember feeling that pull, that pain, and not being able to go on?

You are not alone. Hamstring injuries are common in sports.

Too common.

The hamstrings are a group of muscles at the back of the thigh. They cross both the knee joint and the hip. Their primary job is to help control your leg as you move, and to help with hip extension. During activities, the hamstrings work primarily eccentrically. This means that they contract while the muscle is actually lengthening. This creates a huge amount of force within the muscle.

If there is added tension within the muscle to begin with, such as from poor mobility, muscle imbalances, tightness, or poor core stabilization, the hamstrings will become overloaded, leading to injury.

For the hamstrings to do their jobs effectively and safely, the rest of the muscles in your hips and core need to be pulling their weight.
  • Your abdominal muscles have to stabilize your pelvis
  • Your hip muscles need to be stabilizing your hips
  • Your joints have to be able to move freely
  • Hips must rotate,
  • Your back must flex, rotate, and extend
  • Your muscles need to be flexible

There are a LOT of things that have to work right for your body to be balanced. If any one of these things is out of balance -
  • If your hip mobility is restricted,
  • If your core is weak and not stabilizing your pelvis,
  • If your hip flexors or hamstrings are too tight,
  • If your low back doesn't flex, rotate, and extend
- then your body has to compensate.

Your hamstrings work eccentrically during activities. But if there are mobility restrictions, or weakness in the core, then the hamstrings get overloaded.

What happens when you have to work twice as hard or twice as long as usual?

You get tired.

The same thing happens to your hamstrings...when they have added load due to mobility restrictions or muscle imbalances, or have to work harder to move restricted joints, they get tired.

Tired muscles aren't as strong, they aren't as powerful, and they are much more likely to be injured.

Rest, ice, and stretching can help with your hamstring problem, but if you want a full recovery - if you want to get back to sports quickly, safely, and as strong and powerful as before, you need to get your body back into balance.

Exercises That Work

In 10 years of practice, I have found that balancing the body is the key to recovering from injury. This is true whether you are treating Patella Femoral Syndrome, ankle sprains, or hamstring injuries.

I have treated hundreds of athletes, just like you, who had bodies that weren't in balance. Once we restored their mobility, their flexibility, their strength, and control, they were able to return to sports faster, stronger, and more powerful than before their injury.

Imagine being able to jump higher, run faster, and perform better after just a few weeks...it is possible, and I can help.

Hamstring Solutions is a comprehensive guide to restoring balance to your body to eliminate your hamstring problems.

I have personally selected the best exercises for improving mobility and flexibility, and for developing core strength, power and endurance in your hamstrings. These are the same exercises I have used with hundreds of patients, so I know that they work.

You won't find the same old boring exercises in Hamstring Solutions. It has been developed using the newest, cutting edge functional exercises for injury treatment.

The Program

Included are over 30 exercises designed specifically for treating your hamstring injury, and improving your body balance.

With indepth descriptions and photo illustrations, you will have instant access to the guidance you need to solve your hamstring problems and get back to sports.

Hamstring Solutions is divided into two phases. The first phase builds a foundation of mobility and base strength. You will start out balancing your body and eliminating the risk factors that led to your injury - tight muscles, immobile joints, and weakness.

In phase II you will add to that advanced strengthening and power exercises to maximize your results. These are total body exercises that will not only improve your hamstring function, but will train your body to improve control, stability, and performance.

You don't need any fancy equipment - just motivation. The only equipment you need is an elastic band - you can find them online for under $10.

Don't be another athlete who never fully recovers from their hamstring injury. Don't settle for a loss in speed, power, and performance.

Why Most Rehab Programs Fail

Hamstring injuries are notorious for becoming chronic, nagging injuries. Recreational and professional athletes alike suffer from hamstring strains and many times they recur, or never fully heal. One of the big reasons is that the underlying problems contributing to the hamstring overload are not addressed. The other reason is that the strengthening program focuses on building gross hamstring strength through concentric exercises like leg curls.

Leg curls will build muscle strength and definition, but they don't train the hamstrings to work in the same way they do during activities. Remember, during sports they work eccentrically - which means they need to be trained eccentrically. Hamstring Solutions will show you exactly how to maximize your hamstring training to focus on efficient and effective function.

In just a few short weeks Hamstring Solutions can have you back on the field, running faster, jumping higher, and playing better than before, best of all, pain free.

Who Hamstring Solutions is for:

If you are suffering from a hamstring injury and want to eliminate your pain and restore your normal daily activities, Hamstring Solutions will walk you step by step through your recovery.

If you are a competitive athlete and want to restore your power, endurance, and strength, you'll discover cutting edge functional activities that will improve your performance.

If you just want to live an active life and not have worries about re-injury, I can show you how.

Can You Trust Me With Your Hamstring Injury?

If you have been searching for solutions to your hamstring problems, you have probably found a lot of information on the internet claiming to do everything I have discussed above.

So why should you trust me with your sports injury?

As a certified athletic trainer, I am a licensed health care professional. I have an undergraduate degree in athletic training, as well as an advanced Masters Degree in Sports Health Care.

I am certified nationally by the National Athletic Trainers' Association Board of Certification. In addition to treating patients in clinical practice, I created this website - Sports Injury Info - to help people just like you find the information they need to recover from their sports injuries.

I have dealt with athletes of all ages, sizes, and from all sports. From elite professional athletes, to recreational "weekend warriors", I know how much sports and being active mean to you. I also understand how frustrating injury can be. It takes you out of your normal routine - putting your life on hold while you recover.

More than anything, I want to help you recover from your injury, and to reduce your risk for re-injury.

Hamstring Solutions is the fifth ebook in the "Solutions" series. To date, I have provided rehabilitation guidance to hundreds of people, just like you, who suffered from sports injuries.

Injury rehabilitation and prevention are my passion, and I want to give you the best chance to recover fully and avoid future injury.

I know the exercises in Hamstring Solutions can successfully eliminate your hamstring pain and return you safely and quickly to your sports activities.

I am so confident that this program will provide you with everything you need for a full recovery, if after trying Hamstring Solutions you are not completely satisfied, I will refund your entire purchase price, no questions asked.

Thats right - these exercises work, and to prove it, if for any reason you aren't satisfied with the information you recieve and the results you get, just drop me a note and I will refund your entire purchase price.

You have nothing to lose but time - Download your copy of Hamstring Solutions today, read through the program, and start using these exercises to eliminate your hamstring problems.

Ready to start?

Hamstring Solutions costs only $24.95

What you will receive with your purchase:
  • Hamstring Solutions - an instantly downloadable e-book with over 55 pages of exercise information.
  • A comprehensive guide to the BEST exercises proven to eliminate problems associated with hamstring injury.
  • The seven best exercises for improving mobility and flexibility.
  • 10 base strengthening exercises that will eliminate your weakness, producing a stronger and stable body.
  • 12 advanced, total body functional exercises that will improve your balance, power, and performance.
  • Week by week exercise progressions, tailored to keep you improving until you are pain free.
  • Expert tips based on 20 years of combined rehabilitation experience.
  • Your very own personal athletic trainer - me!
  • And a 100% unconditional money back guarantee..

With your purchase of Hamstring Solutions you will recieve one on one customer support - so if you have specific questions about the ebook or don't quite understand an exercise, I am only an email away.

As an added bonus, you will have access to selected videos for many of the exercises from Hamstring Solutions. In addition to the detailed instructions and photos in the ebook, you can see actual video demonstrations, just a click away on Sports Injury Info.

Where else can you get a complete program of exercises proven to treat your hamstring injury, improve your power, speed, and performance, AND get you back to sports, all for under $25?

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Not Quite Sure?

You may be thinking to yourself "Can this guy be for real?" Many of my patients have asked the same thing...until they were running faster and jumping higher.

If you have had a hamstring injury, you owe it to yourself to do everything possible to keep it from becoming a chronic, recurring problem. I've seen it too many times, athletes who don't focus on the right things during recovery, who end up with a second or third injury shortly after returning to sports. Don't let this happen to you.

Rest and Ice just aren't enough to get you back to your game. Don't settle for half a recovery. You really have nothing to lose, and everything to gain. Go ahead, download your copy of Hamstring Solutions today - try the exercises, work through the program. If, after you give the program a chance, you are not completely satisifed, send me an email, or use the contact form, and I will gladly refund your entire purchase price - with absolutely no questions asked.

I developed Hamstring Solutions to help people like you free themselves from the frustation of chronic hamstring problems. But you can't benefit from the program unless you try it.

How much is an injury free body worth to you?

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