How to apply (gel) ice pack properly

by Jorgelina

Hi, stumbled upon your site while trying to find the correct way to apply my ice pack to a persistent "shoulder" injury. I already bought a rectangular-shaped gel ice-pack and believe the pack itself was a good choice but that perhaps I'm not getting the best out of it; I've had this problem for around 6 months now. There seems to be certain movements which keep triggering the pain and swelling to come back after a few days or so of it being fine.

The injury is around the shoulder area though the swelling is particularly prominent at the collar bone (around chin-height) though the pain is practically the full shoulder.

I've been applying the pack for 20-minute periods on a "when-it-hurts" basis though for the first 3 months I would do so on a daily basis along with sessions with a physio.

I have been applying it mainly over the front of the shoulder, length-ways, but not tightly - just using my bra strap to hold it in place within its own protective cloth.

Aaaaaaaaaaaanyhoo... if you do have any advice on how best I could apply the ice pack that would be much appreciated.

Thanks a lot, it's good to find what appears to be a really good site! :)

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