How to treat recurring, long term hamstring issue?

by Greg
(Atlanta, GA)

Three years ago, had a severly pulled/strained hamstring (discoloration, etc). Went to doctor, then did a good job of resting and rehab (professional rehab). No problems for about a year after that.

About a year and a half ago, I did it again. Although not as severe this time, I cannot get it even close to normal again. I have rested it for periods of times, then stretched and strengthened after soreness is gone. Then, when I play ANY sport, it is always there waiting to go again.

I am 47 and play in a men's baseball league, and it is always limiting me. I no-longer know whether to ice, stretch, take anti-inflammatories. I am completely lost as to what type of treatment to undergo...or if I need the help of a physician or therapist, what type to see.


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