Injections for Patella Femoral pain?

by Roy

I have PF syndrome in both knees for like 5-6 months now and purchased your program about six weeks ago and have been following it regularly. I can do most of the exercise without much pain but do have pain in most all of my daily activities. Sitting with the knee bent seems to bother it the most. Any repetitive motion activity (bike, elliptical, etc) all seem to strain the knees further.

I have also had some real deep tissue massage in the quads, glutes, IT bands, hamstrings, etc. I use a foam roller as well most each night for a self massage. Taking an anti inflammatory as well to help with the pain.

Finally my sports med orthopedic doc agreed to do MRI's. Had them done last week and the good news is they show nothing wrong but that's also the frustrating news??? He says he wouldnt do anything surgically. He did mention trying cortisone injections to try and calm down the inflammation.

So my question is have you heard of anyone using injections for PF pain? Also how much longer would you continue your program (been 6 weeks) before I try the injections? I am a 50 year old guy, like to be very active so...this is quite frustrating.

Thanks for your response

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