is it time for a second opinion?

I'm curious and debating what to do and I'm not seeing the answer on the web. I injured my mcl falling through a floor into a 6' deep hole in late april. (didnt know the floor had a pit under it!) None the less, after ER, ortho and an mri about a week later i was dx'd with a grade 1 mcl sprain.

Was originally told it was a tear, but mri only found a sprain. im 35 yo very active, and was in a don j brace for 6 weeks. I feel I have a reasonable plus tolerance for pain, only seeing a dr when truly necessary.

We are now approaching 8 mos post incident and I am STILL having trouble w/ it. Primarily 'finding' it in certain movements
(usually a plant and twist inadvertently) and I'm also still very stiff in the morning and evening, or whenever I am still for any long period of time.

I have about 95% of my squat ability back, the 5% I dont have is not painful to achieve, just takes a little work. This was a WC case and it's been a nightmare to deal with. but have been very upfront since completing PT in july that it is still giving me some trouble.

- on last call to ortho in july after work hardening to give status, he said I would need to seek a second opinion if it was still painful and stated the mcl is just a slow healer.. It was agreed to stop the WH tx as it was just aggravating the mcl and just see what Dr. Time would do for it.

It has come along way but i seem to have hit a plateau. My question is, what is a reasonable period of time to expect this to heal, and at what point should I seek a second opinon.

Thank you!

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