Jasmin's ACL Injury

by Jasmin

shooting a freethrow

shooting a freethrow

On December 12, 2008 I was playing in a basketball game when I was sandwiched by two players while jump stopping. As my leg twisted, my knee gave out and I fell to the ground. I felt as if my knee was turned around backwards. I knew right then I had injured myself really bad. For some reason, my toes were in just about as much pain as my knee. To this day we still don't know why.

This was my senior year. It was supposed to be my year. The coach from the college I was wanted to attend was at this game.

Turns out, in my right knee I completely tore my ACL, tore 60% of my MCL, and had damage to my meniscus. This was the most devastating thing that had ever happened to me. We contacted a surgeon who worked only with sports injuries to the knee. At our appointment he told me that if I wanted to play college ball I would have to have surgery right away and leave my senior year behind. That is what I did.

It was very difficult to make that decision because my knee felt totally fine. After the initial injury I had absolutely no pain. I could run, jump, and change directions as I pleased. But a month later on January 13, 2009 I had surgery. We choose to do the patellar tendon graft. My surgery went very well and 2 days later I was at physical therapy. I had therapy 4 times a week, and I loved it. I had pretty significant bruising that extended all the way to my toes. I was on my pain pills for about a month. The pain was mostly before bed when I would lay down.
I ice my leg constantly which I believe helped tremendously. I strongly recommend icing!!

Phsycial therapy was amazing. After just a few weeks, I had complete range of motion. STRETCHING IS VERY IMPORTANT. I have been so blessed with therapy. It was absolutley pain free. I was a month ahead of schedule. The doctor released me to do the elliptical early. At no time did I have to use a brace (even while sleeping). I truly believe this helped!

**Pushing yourself is very important. I don't mean to do dangerous things that could reinjure your knee, but if it feels ok, allow yourself to do it. Like trying to walk as soon as you can, and bending your knee if feels ok. This helps with your range of motion. I understand a brace can be good to prevent movements that are not needed. But it can also make your knee get "stuck" in certain positions. Allow your knee to MOVE.**

At about 3 months and 3 weeks I began running on the treadmill. I have been running ever since. Weightlifting has become a major part of my workout, because the muscle mass in my quad was greatly affected. My next appointment is June 23rd. Hopefully I will be released to play some.

Oh, and did I mention that the coach still wanted me! I signed to play Division II basketball. I am so excited!! This was the most mentally challenging thing that has ever happened to me, and its still not over. But with God on my side and by working hard I know I can do it. GOOD LUCK TO EVERYONE WHO HAS HAD THIS HAPPEN TO THEM! DO NOT GIVE UP.

p.s. days 5, 6, and 7 after surgery are the worst! especially mentally.

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