Jason ACL & Meniscus tear IRELAND!

by Jason

Hi guys,thought id share mine too. Im 20 and football, is MY LIFE!

I play GAA football here in Ireland, and on August 24th, things changed dramatically for me. I play on the main team for my club and also on our county under 21 and senior team. Quite an achievement for someone who is 20 may i add lol. I had just broken onto the county senior team and was looking forward to progressing again. he injury happened in a meaningless league game, we were already qualified for the knock out rounds. 10 mins in, ball was going out of play, i ran full speed towards the line, jumped, caught the ball landed on my right leg and tried to push off it and turn at the same time. All i heard was snap, and i hit the floor screaming in pain. Never felt pain like it in my life. I was carted off the pitch, and initially the physio thought it was a torn MCL. Back in 6 weeks. WAHEY! not so much. Had an MRI 2 weeks later to make sure, results came back a day later, Ruptured ACL, complex tear in meniscus, torn LCL and MCL. Op needed on cartilage and acl. Devastated is not the word. Op being done by the top surgeon in Ireland, set for November the 7th. At the moment I'm with the best rehab specialist in the county, doing gym work every day to strengthen up my quads and hamstrings. Can walk okay on it, i turn wrong though and the pain is horrible. Can straighten it fully also. Horrible feeling to be honest, nervous about the surgery, but more nervous about when i get back. My biggest fear is not being able to get back to where i was, my game was all about pace and movement. My attitude to the rehab work is that I'm just gonna work as hard as i can to get back, I'm obsessed with coming back, this will either make me or break me, and I'm making sure, it makes me. Hard work and dedication to the progammes is all I'm thinking of at the moment. I felt like i was getting everything right in my career, then this. Its only a stepping stone to being the best! and, as i tell myself everyday, i will be back.

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