Jeff's ACL Injury

by Jeff
(New York)

Hi, I'm a 25 year old male who underwent ACL reconstruction last Wednesday, 8.6.08. I also had a partial meniscus tear that needed to be repaired.

Two weeks ago I was playing full court basketball with a couple of friends. One a possession I drove to the basket, pulled up hard for a jump shot which fully extended my left leg. All I remember is my friend jumping into me and seeing him above me. Everything after happened in a flash. I heard a pop-scrunch sound and hit the floor. I just knew something was wrong and I immediately signaled my friends to carry me off the court. The next day I got an MRI and it was what I feared--a completely torn ACL.

It is now Day 4 post-surgery and all can say is that it's been tough. It's not really the pain that bothers me(I have more than enough meds for that), but the frustration. Simple things like getting up and going to the bathroom are difficult. I was very active before the injury and I think many of you can relate with me--I just want to be able to get back to the physical level I was prior to the injury.

However, I will remain diligent and optimistic about the future. I'm looking forward to starting PT tomorrow!

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