Kates Acl reconstruction update

by Kate

Hi its just me again, i told you guys my story about a month or two months ago.I am now 2 months postop. You can find my story by going here

I just wanted to update you guys on how i am doing. Right now my leg still won't go straight, for the past month/month and a half it has been stuck at negative 10 degrees, it just won't go straight.My phyiso said i will probably need another surgery to get it straight. My surgeon does not really want to operate on my knee because he said if he does, then my knee won't last as long? is this true, He is giving me two more weeks to get it straight.
A got a couple questions if you could help me by answering them it would be great!
-If i have this surgery will it last as long as if i did not have this surgery
-Will this surgery put me behind in my recovery time
-Will i have to spend the night in the hospital
-what does this surgery involve
-How long until i can do things again, like continue with my rehab
-What will happen if i don't get this surgery


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