Knee Pain When Kicking a Football

by Ash
(Melbourne, Victoria, Australia)

Well I used to do a lot of weights on my legs in the gym and one day got a bit stupid and was encouraged to see if I could do 300kg on the leg press as people were amazed how much I could do.

I was able to do 200kgs+with ease

Ever since then I have had pain mainly in my right knee when I kick a footy (Aussie rules), which is my main sport.

I had the injury for at least 8 weeks now and haven’t been able to go to a physio because of time.

Closer to doing the weights I used to twist my knee while working and standing and get a pain but that has slowly gone away but since then hasn’t improved
another problem is I cant exactly locate the injury because when I feel for it I cant find it as it doesn’t hurt when pushing (only when kicking) Although when I tense and twist I can feel a bit of pain just below the knee cap

I’m reading a lot of info on the net but can’t find anything that can really inform me

Just wondering what your thoughts would be on that

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