Lateral Release after an ACL Reconstruction

by Shelley
(San Jose, CA)

Two years ago, I had an ACL Reconstruction (patellar tendon graft). It seemed to go pretty well... less pain than expected for the first several months after surgery. My knee popped (loud, heavy, deep pop) almost daily... It is quite painful going up stairs, especially if I am carrying any additional weight.

I recently went back for MRI's and assessments, and my kneecap is tracking to the outside with a tilt.

The surgeon is considering a lateral release if the month of PT doesn't correct the problem. Does this sound like a reasonable approach?

Should I expect any additional complications due to the fact that I had an ACL Reconstruction two years ago? (My quads in that leg are much weaker than they were prior to the ACL Reconstruction).

I should also add that I am a good patient when it comes to Physical Therapy. I am diligent in following the directions and "home work" they assign...

Thank you for the info!

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