Lateral Release

by John

I had a lateral release 6 months ago on my right knee, and a lateral release on my left knee 1 month ago, both along with a plica resection.

My right knee is now actually worse that it was before. Prior to the operation I only had pain after running or cycling, now it causes pain walking up stairs or during other ordinary activities. Also if I straighten my leg I get a quite loud popping noise, which I never had before.

My physio seems to think I may need to have it operated on again, but has given me lots of stretches for my ITB and strengthening exercises for my VMO while I wait to see the surgeon again.

I'm keen to avoid surgery again if at all possible, do you have any suggestions as to anything else I can do.

Also do you have any idea why it is worse than before the operation.

Thanks in advance


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