Long Head of the Bicep or Acromion Clavicle

by Keith
(NS, Canada)

I was performing a bench press movement in bodybuilding and have been getting some discomfort around the acromion.

If I extend my arm out in front of me, palm down or up, and move the arm inward toward the center of my body, I get a very sharp pain in what seems to be the top of the front deltoid.

After doing some research this area is described as the acromion clavicle.

After speaking with others on a bodybuilding board they suggested it is not the ligaments or tendons in that area but rather the long head bicep tendons.

I disagree as that would be lower on the shoulder area, would it not?

I have not worked with the weights at all in over a week now and have iced it and have been taking ibuprofen but there is still discomfort there.

Also, when I extend my arm in front of my body, bend it at the elbow, hold the back of the elbow with my other hand and stretch the shoulder I get a bit of discomfort in the rear deltoid area. This is nowhere near the discomfort level of what I feel in the acromion area though.

Sorry for writing a small novel.

Any ideas, suggestions, etc. would be greatly appreciated.


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