Marcus Phelps

by Marcus Phelps
(Strongsville, Ohio, United States )

Hey guys,i tore my ACL when i was 13 (still am until April). It was the first day of hitting in football and we were doing a catch and tackle drill. When i was getting tackled i landed on my knee bent and felt my knee shift forward. I just walked it off but when i got home i could barely bend my leg. I went into my bed the wrong way and heard something pop! it was so much pain i started to scream. I went to my doctors about 3 days later and he told me i tore my ACL and was out for 6 weeks,and scheduled me a MRI 2 weeks later. After the MRI it took me another 2 weeks to go back to the doctors. He told me it was more serious than he thought and i needed surgery. He could of done the surgery but there was a chance he could close my growth plate. My doctor said i can have the surgery now or when my growth plate is fully closed,but he recommended Dr. Paul Saluan that took us 3 weeks to see him. When we saw him his exact words were "if you let me do this surgery there is a chance that the plate can close,but there is also a chance the sky can fall so it's a low possibility." He scheduled me for surgery on 9-29-09 which was 6 weeks later.Everything went successful and i am glad i chose him to do this process.the recovery is still going on and i recommend people just to take it easy after the surgery and just be patient.

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