MCL Sprain: question on healing time.

by Justin
(Denver, CO )

I am in my mid 30's and I was diagnosed with some sort of MCL Sprain which occurred from standing up quickily from a kneeling position. I did not seek medical care (family dr.) for 3 weeks following the injury and had an MRI at that time.

Initial treatment was PT (mostly on my quad) and some electrotherapy for a month and ordered to wear a hinged brace during the day for several weeks after. All treatment was given by therapist.

Although the acute pain from normal walking has subsided I still have pain while bending for sleep and after driving for several miles. It has been nearly 3 months since the injury. Valgus pressure/stress still causes pain. The knee just doesn't feel as stable as my other one.

Should I seek a 2nd opinion from a orthopedic doctor since I never consulted with one initially or just give it more time?

Is this common for the pain to last this long?

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