MCL - time frame to heal


My 13 year old son tore his MCL playing catcher in a baseball game. He was seen at the emergency room and again by a sports medicine doctor. He has a stage 2 MCL tear. He has been in a leg immobilizer for 4 weeks, as of today.

He wears this immobilizer even when sleeping but takes it off to shower. He pretty well stayed off of the knee for 24 hours and iced it every couple of hours. He then iced it every night for a week during the first week of wearing the immoblizer. He has been on it, while wearing the immobilizer, a good bit after the first week. The plan is for him to move to a hinged brace this week. My questions are as follows.

How long would he typically need to wear the hinged brace and how much activity should he be allowed to do while wearing it?

How long do you think he should wait before resuming normal baseball activities and should he wear the brace for a while when he does resume these activities?

He has played catcher for about 4 years now. Obviously catching puts a lot of stress on the knees. Should he try out for another position or should he presumably heal well enough to continue catching?

Thank you for your advice and opinion.

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