Meg's volleyball ACL rupture

by Megan

I just found out I ruptured my ACL and sprained my MCL. I was playing beach volleyball a week ago and came down from a hit and heard my knee pop. It felt like my upper and lower leg went in different directions. Of course it hurt like crazy and started swelling immediately. I couldn't get an appointment with the doctor I wanted to see for 5 days after my injury. I actually saw the PA and she moved my leg in all different ways...let me tell you how much fun that was. I had almost no mobility in it and it felt like something was going to explode out of my leg when she bent it. So she ordered an MRI for me.

I got the news that I ruptured my ACL and sprained my MCL. She said that I can't do surgery until I get range of motion back and the swelling goes down. It was late Friday night when she told me and I was not prepared for that so I didn't know what questions to ask, but I do see the actual doctor this week. I have a couple questions for anyone who has been through this. One, the swelling does not seem to be going down even though I have been icing and elevating my leg. Does it take a while for that to go away? Also, my mobility is still horrible even though I have been resting it and now trying to do some simple stretching exercises and some straightening and bending. The last wierd thing is that my ball of my foot is tingly like it fell asleep and my lower leg and foot are freezing cold sometimes like someone put an ice pack on them. Is this normal? Any advice would be very appreciated.

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