Mountain Biking (activity after a clavicle fracture)

by John

Broke my clavicle mountain biking. I am a tri-athlete and a rock climber, so staying inactive was impossible for me. Hopefully I heal properly. I feel fine so far with the occasional soreness. I think the exercise has helped my recovery, but only time will tell. To any athletes, I think reading this might give you comfort, because right now your hearing you cant be active for six - 8 weeks.

Week one:
I started working out again the day after me accident with an hour on the stationary bike, arm in sling. I spent the first week alternating between the stationary bike and the stair climber, until I developed a pain in my right knee (probably from the mis-geometry of the stationary bike). If you are going to be on a stationary bike for over 1/2 hour I strongly advise using the spin bikes to avoid any more injury.

Week two:

I attempted to run but quickly stopped realizing the pain was to much. I actually got on my road bike with one arm and did an hour which felt great, but I would not do it again..way to risky. Toward the end of the week I could lift my arm up. I stopped wearing the sling about midway through this week.

Week 3: (no more sling)

This is the week where I really started to feel a difference. I gained about 90% range of motion back in my arm. I was able to swim (some freestlye, mostly breast stroke). I could lift light weights and bike without discomfort. My running was limited to about an hour before I felt pain. Best of all, I could sleep on my stomach.

Week 4:

I just started week four of my recovery. I am almost back to my full activities. My shoulder still hurts about an hour into my runs. I have no problems on the bike, aside from pedaling out of the saddle. My swimming is limited to about 200m intervals freestlye and 40 min overall. I can only lift light weights but I am able to add a little more each time. I still cant do a pull up or push-up. I am wondering how long it will take before I can pull my body weight up. I would love to get back to climbing.

I also dont know how all this activity is affecting the healing process. It feels as though I am making progress and I stop when I feel pain, but I am uncertain if the bone is actually healing well.

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