My AC Seperation - (Football injury)

by Casey McDonald
(Purcellvile VA)

My name is Casey McDonald and i separated my AC about 22 days ago on the 6th. I separated my shoulder in football and I had a Grade 1 or 2 my doctor said... the past four days I've been doing practice in top pads but its still sore not as bad but still not quite there.

I've been icing it 5-6 times a day, heating it, getting stem treatment, and seeing a therapist. Our first game is next week on Friday... I've been going day by day and it seems its getting better but i don't know if I should risk coming back early.

This is just my senior year and i wanna come back so bad and not miss any games. What do u think I should do? I'm gonna basically just see how it goes next week and hopefully It'll be good if i just tape it before hand and continue my routine.

If you could please e-mail me your opinion I'd appreciate it...

Thank You,

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