My ACL surgery- and beyond!

by Helen
(Macksville, NSW AUSTRALIA)

I'm off to have my ACL reco tomorrow!(July 18) Bit nervous, but trying to stay positive. It's an old netball injury from almost 20 years ago, but having and raising children has taken up a lot of time. Now that they are a bit older I find time to be able to finally do this for myself. It is a 3+ grade and at 37 years of age I am aware that surgery was necessary to live any kind of healthy lifestyle in the future. Just stepping off the curb I take the risk of my knee 'shifting' out. I found this website and Bart's words of wisdom are of great reassurance to me. The stories of others' were so helpful so I've decided to give u an insight into my coming experience- for what it's worth! See you on the other side!

xx Helen

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