My elbow....

by N. Gamblin
(Austin, TX)

My elbow is in a lot of pain. I was going out to make a save (I am a goalie for soccer,) and my arm was fully extended and straight. The ball hit my wrist and I felt my elbow (on the inside, or side with the pinky)pop (I didn't hear it however) and was in a lot of pain. I could barely lift my arm, it felt really heavy, but it didn't tingle. I had very limited range in motion, could neither push not pull, or put pressure on it. When I would squeeze my thumb and pointer finger together it hurt my elbow in one spot, but I could squeeze all my other fingers without pain. My range of motion has come back, I still feel it popping everyone in a while, and I hear it making a lot of cracking noise (like when you pop your knuckles.) I can't have pressure while twisting it, and it is still swollen. When I was warming up for my game yesterday, I went to make a save, the ball once again hit my wrist and I fell to the ground in pain. This time, it hurt worse and took longer for the shock to go away. Afterward, I looked at my elbow, and it was even more swollen than before. I can have to ball hit anywhere on my arm, but on my wrist, and not feel pain. If someone just lightly taps my wrist, my elbow feels like needles going into the pinky side of my elbow. I still can't twist it, do you ahve any idea what happened?

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