My Knee Dislocation. =[

by Melanie

Hi, its going to be 2 weeks on saturday since i dislocated my knee cap really bad during a volleyball game. I came down on my teamates foot and it popped out. It hurt so bad right away and i couldnt bend it at all. It swelled up and i continued to not be able to bend it for about 4 days..then it started to be able to bend gradually.

I had an xray and mri and my doctor just told me that when i dislocated it some tendons on the inside of my knee were torn when it went the opposite direction. And thats why i have pain on the inside of my knee so much.

As of right now i still have some pain and it still swells up quite a bit after the days over. There is also a kind of like popping feeling alot of times when i bend my knee and when i put my hand on my knee it feels like something is moving back and forth on the outside of my knee when it pops. What could be causing that?

And the last thing that bothers me is when my leg is flat and i pull my knee cap upward with my muscle it comes up but as its moving back down into its correct spot it stops for a second and then clicks back down. I have dislocated my knee before and none of these things have happened. Maybe its just a result of it dislocated worse..i don't know.

Basketball is suppose to start for me also in about a week and a half. I don't know if i should push it and try to recover for it.. or take my time healing it so that it doesn't get hurt right away again? Sorry this is so long..i have a lot of questions!


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