my son's knee (trochlea dysplasia and recurrent dislocations)

by Sandy Giesbrecht
(wpg, mb. ca.)

My son dislocated his left knee 6 years ago at the age of 11. Was in a cast for 6 weeks then did some physio. In the course of these past six years it has gone out several times even with the brace on. Just walking or getting out or bed.

He has been under a Doctors care but all I got was he should do exercises to build the muscle. This is suppose to be one of the best doctors to go to. So finally after the one time I could not drive him to school he walked and wouldn't this be the time the knee went out. At this point he is now 17 years old. He ended up sitting on the ROAD for 20 minutes until help came, cut his lip and broke his braces on his his front teeth.

Yesterday, the doctor did the surgery "Lateral release". He is doing good but when the doctor came and saw me he explained how the kneecap sits in a groove, he doesn't have that groove. It is round so it's like taking two balls and trying to fit them together. He did say the surgery went well but that the knee could still go out because of this groove being round.

My question is before we go see him in 2 weeks is there anything else this doctor can do.

I feel so bad for my son. He has not been able to play sports. Both him and I are so nervous to let him walk anywhere. I know when he is healed from this surgery he will still be nervous knowing that this could still happen.

Thank you for reading my story. Hope to hear from you soon.


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