my story

by Ann

I am 13 years old and have recently torn my ACL during a basketball practice. I jumped up for a layup and heard a sort of pop in my knee. Since the year before I had had another surgery on my ankle for OCD in the talus and hadn't been able to play, I decided to push through. Through the rest of the practice, everytime i would cut my body would go one way and my left knee the other. I talked to the trainers and they couldnt give me an answer. I had no range of motion so they had me sit out a game. I was able to walk and didnt realize how bad it was until i tried to warmup for a game. There was a huge pop as i jumped for a rebound so I knew I would have to stop. After an MRI, it revealed my left ACL was torn. This was about 3 weeks ago and it has been very hard. Not many people understand what it is like, and i just have to trust God that this will go well. I am having my surgery with the cadaver on Thursday. I have no idea what the rehab will be like but I know it will be hard. After reading these stories, i know that I will make it. Unfortunately, i will miss tryouts for jv and varsity. Hopefully, in 6th months i will be good to play.

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