Nerve Issues After ACL Surgery

by Markg

I am 3 weeks post op on a Hamstring ACL reconstruction. Feeling pretty good, walking around the house without the brace and going for some flat walks outside...walked 1/2 mile today.

Having one problem though and trying to see how common it is. When I lay on my back to sleep, my leg from the knee to the top of my foot lights up like someone is sticking needles in all over the place.

Also my foot on top is still quite numb, this makes sleeping quite an issue. I am not wearing the brace to sleep now so I am able to move some but to get comfortable on my side and sleeping ALL night is a problem, mucho twisting and turning.

I have tried sleeping pills and pain killers, but don’t like how I feel the next day. Has anyone else experienced this and how long before it went away?

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