Ondi's turn

by Ondi

Ok.. I tore my ACL on April 13 ,09 at a place called Rebounderz.. which is like 12,000 feet of nothing but trampoline. I landed heard a loud double pop and fell to my knees. I tried to act like I was ok except everytime I would put weight on it, it would give out. The next day after is became swollen and still unstable I went to my doctor who immediately sent me to an orthopedic and MRI. Because I am a BIG chicken, we tried the physical therapy route to at least strengthen my hamstrings, etc to try to give me a little stability, but now it is getting worse. Not only is my right knee giving out, but it is also "pivot shifting" which my ortho related is my tibia slipping out from the femur.. and let me tell u.. THAT brings me to tears everytime and it is excrutiating pain.

Needless to say I am trying to come to terms with having surgery. My surgeon is the head physician for a professional basketball team so I feel I would be in good hands..and being they are in the playoffs right now I can't meet with him until the 3rd of june. I live in an upstairs apartment and am curious as to how long it'll be til I can do stairs.. autograft vs. allograft. how long with brace, crutches, etc. I have been reading this site.. but any and all replies are very appreciated!

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