ONLY 16.........GOING TO 17

by Barbara

2 days after surgery

2 days after surgery

Well I am actually re-writing my story bcz the first one I wrote was pretty short and I really couldn't write and express everything I feel.

So I injured my ACL in March 2 2008, playing the final soccer international club against Dominican Republic and the tournament was hosted in Caracas Venezuela, which is were I live. =)...

Anyways just if you are wondering we won the final 2-1 which one of them was my goal and the second goal my sister scored so it was a pretty exciting final.

Anyways everything happened when I scored we celebrated and when the opposing team had the ball the girl actually tricked me and I just felt this horrible POP in my knee and fell right into the ground. It was horrible and painful!

I remember all of my teammates came towards me and I was just really worry and just told everyone to give me space while I was crying and they did. A paramedic and my coach came and told me to stand up as soon as I did I fell right into the ground and I just felt that my knee was loose and I just couldn't walk on it.

I got up and hop to the sides of the field and I was in TERRIBLE PAIN! The paramedic put this creams and ice and trying to calm me down and to be quiet honest he didn't because man I was in a lot of PAIN =(...So the paramedic told me to stand once again and try to walk or else he would take me to the ambulance so I did
and failed again and just started to cry.

Finally in the Hospital I was in pain and they just put a little brace and told me to not do sports for a month so I was happy.

Still in a lot of pain a month pass and I was in the U.S (New York) to recuperate and visit the family and when I came here I was playing Kickball and fell again! This time it was horrible. I couldn't move I couldn't walk ABSOLUTELY NOTHING.

I took an X-ray everything good, took an MRI and there it was COMPLETELY TORN ACL! =(.....I was sent to therapy for 10 months! and when I go for another check up it turns out IT WAS A WASTE OF TIME OF 10 MONTHS! My Doc said Surgery right away!

So I did I got my knee ACL Reconstruction November 24, 2008 and I actually wasn't nervous at all it was my first surgery and I was actually curious to experience the feeling of anestisia..LOl... so now it is my 3rd week and yesterday they took my stiches! =) and to be quiet honest I feel great still in some pain and I do feel tired most of the time.

Anyways I do feel a bit sad due to the fact that all my friends go partying every weekend and go to the beach and I have to stay home. Also because I've been DYING TO PLAY SOCCER since March and I just can't and now I have to wait even longer. Also because christmas is here and I think it isn't going to be the same =(

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