open reduction internal fixation right ankle

by grant Jordan

19th FEB

19th FEB

I work for parks and recreation / we offer tours IE: kayaking, canoeing, biking, backpacking, camping, ect. so needless to say I am into a lot of outdoor sports!

4 months ago I was involved in a motorcycle accident that left me with a severe, open fracture to my right ankle, both bones came out tearing through ligaments, tendons, soft tissue, muscle, basically ripping my foot half way off.

i went through what was called an open reduction / internal fixation meaning they put a plate with 8 screws on the right side, and 1 screw on the left. my cast was taken off on the 19th (feb)
I was then sent back to the emergency room for what they thought was an infection for 5 more days. I started therapy 2 weeks ago, and am finding it more difficult then I imagined.

the reason being is that my foot healed in the prone position, instead of the neutral position,
every time i go into therapy they bend my foot back (very painfull) to get the range of motion back. i understand why and i am ok with that, but the problem is, is that i was getting better and the doctor had cleared me for full weight bearing, i could put some weight on it before, the last therapy, but this time she really pushed it, and i heard something pop! and now my foot is back to the black and blue stage where it was 2 months earlier, and now cant put any weight on it at all.

Is this normal? And does it get better? And should I think about orthoscopic scar tissue removal?

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

thank you,

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