pain and swelling twelve weeks post sprain

by Jessica
(Ontario Canada)

I was wondering how long pain and swelling normally last post ankle sprain. I had a severe ankle spain approx 12 weeks ago and still experience pain with full weight bearing(standing on injured ankle and trying to lift onto toes and squatting) can not run or jog at all.

I occasionally feel that my leg is very heavy and I've been experiencing pain on the bottom of my foot near the toes on the side that was sprained not on the normal ankle. This is new and started approx 11 weeks post.

I do not have that much pain or trouble walking. Sometimes walking will cause it to ache but it comes and goes.

I've had x-rays, the first showed widening of the joint space near the talus but no definite fractures and a second set approx 8 weeks post showed a small effusion but no definite fractures.

I've been going to physio once a week and having U/S treatments on it but the recovery seems to have plateaued.

I have a requisition for a bone scan and wondered if it is possible that there is a small fracture or any other type of injury.

At what time interval should I have the bone scan performed?

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