Painful Tendon after severe ankle fracture

by Jenny
(Hong Kong)

I fell 5 metres whist bouldering (rock climbing without rope) and broke my tib, fib, talus, plus complete dislocation of ankle joint, it was an open wound compound fracture. Long story short, it took many surgeries to get all the bones re-aligned properly and the ankle joint put back in properly. Am now in my 9th month of recovery, still on single crutch, and doing physio everyday.

I'm getting acute pain around the area where the posterior tibialis tendon is, from base of the medial side of my foot and up the inside of my leg, basically that's restricting my ability to achieve dorsiflexion, of course the joint hurts too when walking or doing physio, but I think the pain in and around the tendon is rather abnormal.

It could be that the nails put in the medial malleolous is close to the tendon but its very hard to tell. Is it normal to experience pain around the tendon during the recovery process?

Please help!

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