Problems After Subacromial Decompression Surgery

by Martin
(Aarhus, Denmark.)

I've read your excellent article - however it failed to mention side effects after this procedure.

I have had this surgical procedure done - removing the subacromial bursa. However, I have found that this has given me some other problems after surgery. I am not a doctor but I have educated myself on the anatomy of the shoulder joint and it would seem that the biceps nerve which goes through the shoulder joint is somehow scraping against the acromion - now that there is no bursa to smooth things out.

Could you maybe point me some directions on any articles or material that describes any possible side effects of this surgery?

I am trying to educate myself, since I have found that most doctors unfortunately treat people like myself with legitimate questions as either hypochondriacs or they are too arrogant to really listen to a non-doctor trying to figure out what the hell went wrong.


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