Questio - Slap Tear (type 2, surgery or rehab?)

by Reese Upthegrove
(Bartow Fl)

My son just got diagnosed with a small type 2 slap tear. The doc said it would only probably take 1 anchor. We're waiting 6 weeks because he said there is a possibility of it healing it self. My son is a 17 year old high school pitcher.

Do you agree? Should he be doing some kind of rehab while we wait? He has several scholarship opportunities for college. Since he is planning on pitching in college do you think he should go on with the surgery or wait and see if we get a miracle? He hasn't thrown in 2 weeks and don't plan on it for the next 6 weeks. But when he was throwing it would only hurt for the 1st 10 throws and then go away but his velocity was down. He's also been throwing all year with out a break do to travel ball. So we have our fingers crossed.

Are we fooling are selves? If he has surgery what is the success rate for a young pitcher?

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