Question - ACL Recovery Timeline

by Gloria
(Casco, ME)

I had a patella graft ACL reocnstruction 4 weeks ago. I am 41 years old. My knee flexion is 105 degrees after 4 weeks, and my knee extension was good, but it has been getting worse this past week. I am doing all of my PT exercises.

This past week I started riging my road bike inside on my trainer. I had to put the seat and handlebars way up high, and it takes me 2nd or 3rd session to be able to peddle 360 degrees backwards. I have clip in pedals. I do not have my foot parallel to the pedal, I have it pointed downward throughout the pedal stroke, otherwise I cannot pedal the 360 degree rotation.

I feel like I am behind on the timeline.My PT guy does not know why. Do you have any input. I did stop taking Tylenol and ibuprofen in exchange for naproxen this past week. I have changed back to the Tylenol and ibuprofen. I have been doing some driving too. This may be irritating it, but I live 35 miles from my PT office and don't have family around to drive me. Friends drove me the first three weeks.

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