Question - acl revision

by Kim

Hello! I had my right acl reconstructed 17 years ago following a basketball injury. The only problem that I had with some pain with squatting which was probably from where they took a portion of patellar tendon for the graft. I have re-injured the same knee playing basketball with my oldest daughter and finally went to the doctor to have it evaluated.

Well, the same well respected dr that operated on my knee the first time diagnosed me with another acl injury which needs to be repaired. I had a second opinion with another dr in the same practice and he agrees that the acl is injured. My question is: I am able to do most daily activities without alot of pain but I always know that my knee does not feel "right". It does feel unstable if I try to stop after running (not fast) or if I try to change directions. I am 39 and have four very active daughters and I love to be active with them.

I work with them in basketball and softball and enjoy exercising. It has been approx. 5 months since injury. I waited a couple of months before going to the doctor hoping that it would just get better....but it did not. Then, I had to get pre-certified from my insurance provider since they will be using a cadaver graft for revision and this took over a month. So after all of the time I have had to wait for these reasons, my knee does not hurt as bad as when first injured. Dr's still think surgery is the best option to prevent further damage since I am active with my girls.

What do you think?


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