Question - Broken Ankle (swelling after cast removal)

I broke my ankle playing football over four weeks ago and just recently got my cast off. When i broke it i severly twisted it and ended up laying on top of it, while it happened i felt several small pops then a larger one. The doctors told me i had a spiral fractured fibula and gave me a walking cast.

Once i had the cast put on my foot, it swelled and turned black and blue, leading me to believe i probably sprained it really bad on top of the break. I was able to walk on it after the first week and a half.

Now it has been two days since the cast was taken off and i am able to walk on it quite well as compared to another team member who broke the same bone two weeks earlier. He however doesn't have the swelling that i do around my ankle, which is what i'm asking about.

The swelling is quite hard and is mostly in the area below the joint, is it normal for my ankle to still be swollen and if so how long until it starts to go away?

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