Question - Broken Fibula

by Kyle Humphrey
(Glendale, AZ, USA)

I broke my fibula about 9 weeks ago just above my ankle bone. For the first month I was in a plaster cast, then the doctor put me in a walking cast. The first two weeks I was still using the crutches with the walking cast, after that I have been walking on it. My break was diagonal all the way through the bone. The bone shifted very little, and because I do not have health insurance I opted not to get surgery.

The Dr. also told me I tore the ligaments down both sides of my ankle as there was a lot of swelling and stirrup like bruises all the way up to mid calf on the both sides of my ankle. I was supposed to have my last appointment with the Dr. this week but due to the fact that each visit costs me about $250 dollars I just couldn't afford to pay more than I already have, so I cancelled it.

My ankle still hurts around the break when I walk on it very much, and I would say I have about 50% mobility when I take my cast off. It still can not support much weight and is still a little swollen around the ankle bone. Should I continue to wear the cast? How long will it take before the tendons are healed and I can golf/ play softball again? Thank you!


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