Question - Broken Wrist Pain

by Debbie
(Toronto, ON Canada)

I broke my wrist 2 weeks ago. I was wondering when the pain will go away. It is still quite sore; in a cast until April 28.

Answer - Bart@SII

Sorry to hear about your wrist. Pain after a wrist fracture can vary significantly for everyone. Most of the time after the first 2-3 weeks it starts to feel better, but you may have some soreness for several weeks after your injury.

Which bones did you break?

If you are having severe pain, you should talk with your doctor. Mild to occasionally moderate pain is not uncommon, but it should continue to improve every day. I would also recommend talking to your doctor about what type of medication you can use to help decrease your pain. Tylenol or ibuprofen may help, but again, discuss this with your doctor.

Hope this helps - keep us posted on how you progress, and comment back with any other questions.

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