Question - Clunking in Shoulder

Dec. 13th I had rotator cuff surgery and am still not back to work.

I had a tear of the supraspinatus tendon on the articular side measuring 2cm. The coracoacromial ligament was very thick which was released from the anterior acromion. My type 2 acromion is now a type 1. A shaver was then use to remove degenerated tissue and a wand was used to remove the tissue remaining on the greater tuberosity. A hole was drilled in the the greater tuberosity, medial edge and an anchor was seated. Surface of bone was smooth.

As of yesterday I am still doing therapy and have weakness and fatigue in my right arm (dominate arm), there is still pain stemming from the anterior incision down to what seem to be my bicep and clunking along with tenderness by that incision when my arm moves from my side upward. No one seems to know why, but it wasn't there before. You can actually hear it click

In addition, soon after the surgery I started to experience numbness and tingling from my shoulder to my finger tips.


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