Question - Healing Time (tibia fracture - surgical)

by Hunny Wadhwani
(Mumbai, India)

Hi, I am Hunny from Mumbai, India. I am of 27 years of age. I met with an accident on 27th May 08 evening and suffered a fracture in my right leg (below knee and above ankle). It was a single compund tibia (fracture).

A surgery was done on 28th May 08 and a rod was planted in my leg. On very next day I was advised to start doing some exercises (bending knee, moving foot up n down, lifting leg up etc.). After 6 days of my surgery I started walking on crutches and am putting a load of 5-10 kg on my operated leg.

I have swelling in my below ankle area (foot) and feel stiffness in my leg during night times. I just want to learn that how much time it will take for my leg bone to regenerate (join) and in how much time I will be able to walk on single crutch and in how much time I will be able to put full load on my leg.

Also suggest, is elbow crutches are recommended.

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