Question - Knee Cliicking, Popping and Feeling Like it Gives Way

by AJ
(Alma, MI)

My daughter is 13 and a distance runner. She has been sidelined since track season. In April after an amazing pre-season 5K she started having the feeling of her knee locking or coming out of place in practice or during a race.

Wouldn't happen every day and was only painful for a moment then she would be fine and continue on. May 8th this same giving way happened during a 1600 relay leg and this time she couldn't walk on it with out pain. Said it felt like it ripped.

Had x-rays done and the bones looked fine. Very swollen so they gave her a knee brace and crutches and she stayed off it for nearly a week. They gave her an MRI and said she had a lot of synovial fluid on her knee. 5-6 weeks of PT and then back to the orthopedic surgeon. She was cleared after 5 weeks to start some light running. Once she got up to around 7 minutes of continuous running the knee started behaving like last spring. She is now scheduled for orthopedic surgery next week.

Today we had her in an aqua jogger and also biking per PT. It is giving away or clicking at almost every move. Wondering if she should just stay off she doing more damage?

What do you think is wrong with her knee?

Her doctor is guessing a plica problem that didn't show up on MRI. We are very anxious to know whether surgery is going to fix this and if she will ever be able to run again.

Any insight would be greatly appreciated,


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