Question - Knee Injury and Stiffness After Arthroscopy

by Steven Kembery
(Bath, England)

10 months ago I injured my knee playing football. 5 months later I had an arthroscopy. Unfortunately I am no closer to returning to playing competitive sports because I feel I have lost quite a bit of range and my knee sometimes feels locked - is this normal?

My knee tends to get very stiff after sport (which is light jogging at the moment) and it still feels like I have some fluid on the knee joint (on the outside) - is this normal too? Does it sound like another operation is needed or can I restore to full fitness from the exercises you have detailed from your very helpful website? Its worth noting that at present I have very stiff hamstrings because I never used to stretch them much and this might have had something to do with the injury.

Your advice would be greatly received.

Many Thanks

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