Question - Knee Injury (waiting on MRI)

by Claire Brown

I'm 30 years old and deem myself to be extremely fit due to gymnastics and dance training (which I also teach) I recently had a knee injury at gymnastics way back at the end of March doing a toe touch jump.

I was in extreme pain at the time and the knee didn't swell until 3 days later. I couldn't walk on it for about a week and took about 6 weeks before I could straighten it fully although my physio suggests now it may not be 100% straight. I have recently had an MRI and am waiting on the results which has taken so long.

I haven't been able to return to gymnastics or dancing as anything beyond walking causes my knee to give way (it actually feels like the bones are moving over each other) I experience pain at the time but is usually gone within 10 minutes. I cannot squat without being in pain and I still cannot kneel down on any type of surface.

I am desperate to find out (5 months down the line) what I have actually done so I can work to restore full strength. I have been to physio sessions and have built up my thigh muscle which disappeared very quickly. Can you give me an idea of what my symptoms suggest and how can I get back to my training as soon as possible.

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