Question - Knee Strained Tendon (patellar subluxation)

by Colleen
(Barnegat, NJ)

This may sound stupid but about 9 weeks ago I was at the beach standing in the water. The waves were rough and knocked me down. My feet were sucked in the sand so my left knee twisted. i didn't hear a pop or anything. But right away I knew something was wrong with my left knee. It hurt to turn or twist the knee right away.

2 weeks later I went to the ortho dr. He ordered an MRI. This showed no tears but he thought my kneecap had moved and strained my retinaculum tendon.

I have been in therapy for 6 weeks now. I am getting strength back in my leg but still cannot walk normal as there is considerable tightness in the back of my knee and I cannot straighten my leg totally. Kinda feels like a rubber band tightening the leg.

It is hard to stand for any length of time. And now the strain is pulling on my lower back. When I walk for any length of time I use a flexible knee brace but I would like to get back to normal walking

Is this common?

Dr. just says tendons take a while to heal. But I really would like to know if anyone else has had an injury of this sort.

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