Question - Lateral Relaese (long recovery)

by Cynthia

I had a lateral release on my left knee on the 22nd of July this year. To date i can not fully extend my knee nor can i bend it fully. I have been to physio twice a week since my surgery. My physio is not happy with my progress she feels i should be further on than i am. She hasn't been able to do much rehab as when we do anything my knee swells up and the pain becomes to much.

My surgeon won't listen to my problems but he did agree with me when i said that i thought i should be able to do some sort of sport. My knee even swells and gets sore if i swim or do aqua aerobics. I am walking with a limp which is starting to effect my back and my right knee. I have had 2 previous on my right knee so i am afraid i will do damage to it putting all the extra pressure on it.

As you can imagine i have a noticable loss of quad muscle in my left leg and any exercise i do to build it up seems to aggrevate it.

Can you tell me is this normal for such a long recovery after a lateral release? Is it advisable for me to get a second opinion? Any help would be appreciated.
Thanks in advance

P.S I'm only 26 so i don't want to be living with bad knees for the rest of my life. I also have a lot of noise in the joint when i try to sqat or go up and down the stairs. And the other day i felt something tear in it when i was walking, it hurt like hell after that and swelled up.

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