Question - Lateral Release Surgery (returning to paramedic job)


I'm a 15 year veteran paramedic and I had a posterior horn tear in 2006. 25% of my meniscus was removed and I never felt 100% better post surgery. I was out of work for nearly a year.

3 Months after my return to full-duty I was re-injured to the same knee (Again). I began feeling and hearing a bunch of popping (like in the knuckles) Constantly, and weakness along with destroying my lower back.

I'm going for a medial meniscus repair and lateral release. As explained it seems worse than my 1st surgery, to the point I'm concerned about being permanently disabled from my career as a paramedic.

A brief job description - lifting patients over 200-300lbs on average up and down stairs, bending, crawling, running and long term standing, etc. I've been told to start looking for a desk job, my love of the job has always been out in the field. I guess my number is up?

What is your opinion, is this a career ending injury?

Thanks for your time!

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