Question - Lateral Tilt (knee pain with marathon runner)

by A.V.
(NY, NY)

On an x-ray of my knees in the sitting position, I have lateral tilt on both knees. I am a marathon runner (formerly at the moment) and never suffered from any knee pain until I pulled a hamstring on my right side last year. Though I didn't run on it for long, my knees started hurting and despite PT and a home exercise program I can't seem to run more than 6 miles before the pain setting in. It seems strange that I can even run this distance pain free, but I really desire to run more and I also don't want to further injure my knee.

I don't feel any pain at other times of the day. My right knee tracks incorrectly, but my left one does not, but I feel more pain when running on the left, but pain while sitting on the right.

I have been doing VMO strengthening exercises and the physio who assessed me said my hip strength is good. What am I to do at this point? Do you have any experience with biofeedback which I have read a lot about?

Thank you,

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