Question - Left Knee (pain with running)

by Lisa
(Pleasant Grove, UT)

About 5 years ago I crashed skiing. I went to the IHC near by, they gave me a brace and told me to wear it for 4 weeks and if my knee was still bothering me to go back. I was going to college 3 and a half hours away from anything and didn't have a car. I never went back.

It has been fine until I started training for a marathon. My left knee really bothers me and tightens up after 2 miles. the pain starts at the top of my knee and travels to the sides and then to the bottom. After mile 4, it hurts all over.

My right knee also starts to hurt just above my knee cap and no where else after mile 4. Do i have runners knee? or should I go and check it out. I cant seem to run past 6 miles because of the pain and I really am hoping to do this marathon in October.

What should I do?

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