Question - Medial Meniscus Tear (continued pain/swelling)

by Michael
(Hoover, Alabama)

I had surgery for a Medial Meniscus Tear on my right knee 1 year ago. I had 3 weeks of therapy before returning to work.

About 3 weeks after returning to work my knee started hurting on the opposite side directly under one of the incision points. I was sent back to the Doctor and he drew a tremendous amount of fluid off of my knee and gave me a Cortisone shot. This felt much better for about 3-4 weeks then it returned.

Ever since then my knee has been swollen primarilly on the right side which is opposite of the side where the miniscus was torn. My original doctor could not find anything on MRI's, but decided he needed to go back in to find out what was going on. He told me that if I didn't correct the problem that I would be looking at early knee replacement.

At this point I requested another doctor (This is a workmans comp. case) because I didn't feel comfortable with him going back in to do exploritory surgery. I was given a new doctor and he felt like he could do a laterial release and help my problem, but he was of the opinion that if I did nothing at all that it probably would not cause an early knee replacement.

I really do not know what to do. My knee stays swollen all of the time, the pain most of the time is bearable. I can no longer run, the pain around the lower right side of my knee is unbearable.

I really want to do what would be the best long term solution to the problem.

My age is 48 years.

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