Question - Meniscus Surgery

by Matt

I recently had an MRI for a torn meniscus. The Dr., a respected sports orthropedist, said the meniscus was torn. He also said I had "beautiful coverage" over the joint, refering to my cartalage on my bones". He wants to "clean it up", refering to a partial removal of the meniscus.

I have pain only after an event such as catching my foot on something or walking on very uneven ground. I can put up with the rare pain and clicking of the joint even though it is bothersome.

My concern is from what I have read on the web is that this procedure will lead to a rapid degeneration of my bone cartilage. I am afraid of this, as my Dad had double knee replacement from osteoarthritis as a farmer.

My question is, am I better off to put this off or will the tear that enters my joint do more damage than the 350% increase in bone to bone contact that I read a partial removal of the meniscus will cause?

I am 45 years old 5'7 154 lbs active weightlifter; I also bikeride. I am however bowleged. At this point I do not have constant pain and I do not want it, even if I have to reduce my activities. Should I have the surgery?

Thanks much,


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