Question - Patella dislocation

by GMG

My son is an active 15 yr old soccer player (year round) w/ large boned & musclar legs who has grown about 4 inches since July and is very flat footed (uses prescription inserts ).

He initially injured his knee in a 3 v 3 game, felt a pop w/ pain on August 2nd. No contact, but happened while shifting/cutting w/ the ball. After 10 min. stretching etc, went back to playing. The knee was a little sore, but otherwise he said he was fine. On 9/17 it happened again in a high school game. Again, no contact, but could not return.

Orthopedist diagnosed a knee sprain. X-rays looked fine. After 4 weeks of rest and some re-hab he began playing again and injured the knee again on 10/14 in another HS game. It happened when he tackled the ball vs another player. Again felt a pop. MRI was performed this time and showed he has dislocated the patella. No other damage (ACL, MCL, cartilage, etc) except bruising. The right knee cap is loose, more so than left.

His doctor has recommended surgery to "loosen" one side and tighten the other side of the patella. My son wants to return to playing competitive soccer again as soon as possible.

Is this the best course of action? Are their any negatives? Will the "modifications" bother him later in life?

Also, when could he be expected to be able to return to competition?

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